Hello, we are

Our first mission is to provide a comfortable environment for sustainable NFT projects. We support NFT communities with our strong developer team.

What is to be Vitruvian

We are the Vitruvians, a community born in Oasis blockchain. We have chosen the iconic Vitruvian Man from Leonardo da Vinci as our identity. This famous picture is known to be the symbol for the perfect combination of art and technique. This is actually what the Vitruvian community is about: well developed, useful tools with stylish world-class artwork.

Focus: Building Vitruvians ecosystem

  • Start of Discord server and Twitter account
  • Design of ecosystem identity: logo, genesis NFT
  • Developing tools for Emerald NFT communities (build before mint)
  • Vitruvian.tools website goes live
  • Distribution of Vitruvian tools to other communities
  • Build up OG community
  • $VITRU token release

Focus: Expand utilities and bring value

  • WL management tools open to public
  • Raffle & Auction
  • Mint of genesis NFTs
  • Reveal of tokenomics
  • Staking goes live
  • Creating utilities for $VITRU token

Focus: Building brand and expanding

  • Introduction of first NFT PFP collection under the Vitruvians brand
  • Reach wider users via marketing
  • Explore multi-chain possibilities
  • Mint of Gen-1 PFP NFTs and moving forward to Roadmap 2.0

Why the Vitruvian Man

This drawing by Leonardo da Vinci represents body proportions of the ideal human. In the art world, this is widely known as the perfect combination of art & technology. This is why we have chosen Vitruvian as our symbol.

Our Tools

Discord Role Machine

Providing the NFT Holder Role via wallet and discord connection

NFT Sniper

Fast buy without reaching the website. Temporary sniper on Metamirror v.1.0

Safe Transfer

Easy NFT transfer from wallet to wallet adress

Stake as a Service

NFT Staking and rewarding system

Vitruvian Market

Collecting wallet adresses via discord role proof

Sales & Listing bots

Seeing the sales and the listings on both Discord and Twitter simultaneously

NFT Dashboard

My NFT Last sale (daily, weekly, monthly) Daily sales volume, mean

Backpack kit

Backpack kit for web2 to build community

Stake ROSE for NFT holders

Using Emerald NFTs to provide %0 commision on Rose Staking

- On development process -




Developer Head


Community Leader


Project Leader



Smart Contract Dev & Python


Developer Team Lead

Black Pegasus

Data & Security Dev